“ITCHING for a Dagger!” Comcast SportsNet’s Steve Buckhantz wrote in early December, when the Wizards lost by a point to the Nuggets. “Not to be, at least not for tonight!”

Tuesday night in Charlotte, the longtime play-by-play man got his chance. Sort of.

This wasn’t a typical dagger, though. There was still about a minute and 20 seconds left, for one thing. And the game wasn’t particularly close, although Charlotte had mounted a late run to pull within single digits.

Then Martell Webster hit a three-pointer, and Buckhantz pondered life on the brink, and self-control, and when to let go.

“Dare I say….?” he wondered, and then stopped, staring over the edge, into the abyss.

“Say it,” Phil Chenier urged quietly.

“DAGGER!” Buckhantz replied, and a fanbase exhaled, as one.

“A ha ha ha ha,” Chenier said, exhaling with them.

“Well, we’ve still got one 1:20 to play, but look,” Buckhantz tried to explain.

“That’s a little bit early for you, but I like the confidence, I like the confidence,” the supportive Chenier said.

“We have been YEARNING for one all season long,” Buckhantz said, still justifying a Dagger that needed no defense.

And if THAT’S not enough Buck and Chenier dialog for you, consider this equally magical moment, from late in the second half, when the CSN cameras caught Nelly sitting courtside.

“Phil, are you a Nelly fan?” Buckhantz said, in his best Peter Graves.

“Uh, he’s a little bit too young for me,” Chenier replied. “How about you, are you a Nelly fan?”

“Yeah, I am a Nelly fan,” Buckhantz answered.

“What are some of your favorite songs?” Chenier followed up.

“Getting Hot in Herre,” Buckhantz quickly answered. “C’mon, man. Get with it, Phil. C’mon.”

“That’s right, you’re a little bit younger than me, aren’t you?” Chenier noted. “Down with it.”

“Down with something,” Buckhantz agreed.

Buckhantz and Chenier: Still the best.

(Thanks to @DMartinCSN)