(Via Express)

Personally, I find nothing at all bothersome about the number of candidates the Redskins have turned up for their vacant head coaching position.

That said, I still think this graphic from Tuesday’s Express is amusing.

The accompanying column is by my weird corporate cousin Rick Snider, who takes a dimmer view of the search:

This is getting out of hand. Either the Redskins are simply gaining roster evaluations from coaches leaguewide under the pretense of hiring them or Allen wants to use excessive research as a public-relations excuse should the new coach not work. Either way, get on with it.

There are not 11 real candidates for this job. There are a handful. The rest are window dressing to show fans how much the team cares. Maybe Allen is gathering info for the 2016 search?…

This isn’t saying the Redskins shouldn’t do their homework, but it’s reaching the limits of diminishing returns. Five other teams need coaches. The Redskins are burning time looking at anyone and everyone available.