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Photo-bombing and video-bombing, the act of jumping in on someone else’s camera time, is something that the Wizards’ players tend to do in happier times. Martell Webster tends to do the most interview-crashing, but other players, like John Wall, have gotten in on the action lately.

In the latest segment of Comcast SportsNet’s “Martell-it Like It Is” (genius, by the way), Webster explains the phenomenon.

“You know, it’s an insecurity thing,” he said. “Certain guys may feel like they’re not getting enough TV time. Why not video-bomb or photo-bomb somebody’s shoot? I do it. They’re not shooting me enough.

“So John, Trevor, Nene, you better watch out. Cartwheels, back flips, taking my shirt off and crumping – it’s gonna happen.”

He went on to postulate that the Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade, who has been missing games for rest, may have done himself in with a cartwheeling video-bomb of LeBron James.

“Lower back spasms usually tend to happen with cartwheels,” said Webster. “And, you know, he’s paying for it. You can’t outdo yourself. You gotta take baby steps. Maybe come in and do a barrel roll, start things light. Handstand, maybe. And then go ahead and do some cartwheels.”

Or, you know, take your shirt off and crump.