(Family photo)

This photo gallery of Dan Snyder throughout the years has been on our Web site since 2011. But I just came in touch with it after it was included with Rick Maese’s Sunday look at the owner’s tenure.

Here’s the caption, from our site:

Dan Snyder at age 8. His greatest passion as a kid was putting on his white Redskins jersey, with Sonny Jurgensen’s No. 9, and eating his mother’s special “Redskins chili” while watching on TV with his sister and parents as the legendary quarterback led his beloved team to victory.

Man, look at the innocence. Back then, meddling was something you did at relay races during recess, and the only controversies were over what was served for lunch at the cafeteria. And now?

The next head coach will have to cope not just with owner-supremo Daniel Snyder’s interference, but with the added complication of a 23-year-old boy emperor who believes he can dictate everything from the play-calling to what’s served at training table. You don’t like eggs? Take it up with Robert Griffin III.

Oh. Right.