( John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

If you’ve heard Chris Cooley talk about the Redskins’ offensive coaches over the last few months, you’ve surely heard him praise Sean McVay, the youthful former tight ends coach now linked to the team’s offensive coordinator job. Cooley talked about McVay’s apparently imminent promotion Thursday morning on ESPN 980.

“That’s awesome for Sean,” Cooley said. “I think Sean would be terrific as an offensive coordinator. I’ll tell you what guys, I’ve had nothing to say but great things about Sean McVay. He is a football-minded guy, he’ll do a great job in that role. I’m extremely excited for him. Yes, he was the tight ends coach here for the last two and a half seasons … When Jon Embree took the job in Colorado, I went into Mike and Kyle and said it has to be Sean for tight ends coach. I would love this guy. He took over as kind of the interim for kind of a couple weeks and he was as good as it got for me as a position coach. I mean, a smart a guy as I’ve been around  as a position coach. So I think that’s a good decision.”

Other former Redskins reacted to the McVay news on Twitter.