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Mike Rizzo on Adam LaRoche’s mountain lion

via Buck Commander Facebook page

On Tuesday, the Buck Commander Facebook page shared the above pic of Adam LaRoche carrying a mountain lion on his shoulders. According to the show’s description, LaRoche took down the big cat with a bow.

During a call with MLB Network Radio, Nats manager Mike Rizzo was asked about the photo.

“I’ve never been hunting in my life, so I don’t know what he sees in it and what they get out of it,” said Rizzo. “But it was an impressive mountain lion, and I’d like to think he shot the mountain lion because the mountain lion was gonna attack him. That’s how I’m playing it in my mind.”

“I hope Rochey’s lifting more than mountain lions this offseason,” he continued.

Rizzo isn’t alone in his aversion to hunting. The comments on the Facebook photo skewed largely in support of the cat.