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The most famous thing about new Redskins Coach Jay Gruden, at least on the Internet, is his star turn in HBO’s “Hard Knocks” last summer. And the most famous part of that came in one episode where he cursed a lot. I just ran the numbers. It’s not quite Boudreau territory, but it’s fine enough.

In 90 seconds, Gruden cursed 12 times. The rundown:

8 varieties of the F word

3 varieties of the S word

1 use of the A word

Here’s a transcript, with an assist from NFL.com. You can watch and listen to all the cursing here. (NSFW, obviously.)

“No more shotgun if we can’t take a snap, all right? Acting like our [bleep] don’t stink. It [bleeping] stinks…

“Some of the [bleep] that happened yesterday you wouldn’t expect on the first day of rookie OTAs. We had three dropped snaps and a couple other things that were my fault. That is Mickey Mouse horse [bleep] football right there, and we all had our hand in it. Everybody had their hand in it, and it can’t happen for us to be as good as we want to be. Ever.

“I can handle a drop every now and then. I can handle a guy beating you with a good pass-rush move. I can handle certain things, but I can’t handle mental [bleep] ups time and time again. Andy [Dalton]’s been a quarterback here for three [bleeping] years and hasn’t had one dropped snap. Not one. We had three in one day!

“Concentration, poise. You gotta have it on every snap in this game. Otherwise, you’re going to get your [bleep] beat time and time again. You’re going to be 18th-ranked in offense. You’re going to be 9-7 or 8-8, and you’re going to be [bleeping] watching the playoffs at home every year. Yesterday, we took a major step backwards, and now today, we gotta take two steps forward.

“You gotta have great concentration, great attention to detail, not just on Sundays. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. If you want to muddle around at .500, [bleeping] then come out here and [bleep] around and [bleep] up. But if you want to be great, you got to set your standards high and you got to come out and you go after it every [bleeping] day.”