Because the 2013 Redskins season will never end, DeAngelo Hall was on Fox Sports 1’s “Fox Football Daily” on Tuesday evening, and was asked if players could feel the much discussed organizational dysfunction in the locker room.

“You know, it really didn’t get that feel until obviously the word came down that we were gonna bench RG for the last couple games to ‘protect’ him,” Hall said. “A lot of guys in that locker room kind of raised the question, like why are we doing this? Kind of like what you heard Kyle [Shanahan] say: I want my starting quarterback out there. A lot of the players in the locker room, those were their sentiments.

“And it was on me, London [Fletcher] and a lot of other leaders in that locker room to say look, we can’t worry about things that we can’t change. That came from the top down. There’s nothing we can do about that. All we can do is go out there, keep fighting, keep trying to go out there and get a win. And that’s what we tried to do.”

Hall was also asked about the much-discussed relationship between Griffin and Mike Shanahan.

“I wasn’t in meetings with them one-on-one, so I don’t know what was said one-on-one or in their offensive meetings,” Hall said. “But when you see them together with the team, I mean, it didn’t seem like a bad situation at all. It wasn’t until obviously we saw that RG got benched for Kirk to ‘protect’ RG, so they say. And then it wasn’t until RG really spoke about it, saying I don’t think Mike likes me and things like that, that we in the locker room really started to notice it.”

Finally, Hall was asked whether Griffin has the on- and off-field capabilities to become a championship NFL quarterback.

“Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely I think so,” the cornerback said. “From the first day that kid came into that locker room, all he wanted to do is impress us, try to prove to us that he would do anything to help us win football games. It was never about him. It obviously seems like it’s about him, because he’s the face. I was on a team in Atlanta when Michael Vick was that face of the franchise, and back when he was rolling, it was no bigger star in the world than him. I can remember going to Tokyo for a preseason game; it was Peyton Manning and Mike, and Mike got more attention than Peyton.

“So I’ve been around that, I’m familiar with that kind of person,” Hall continued. “And it’s the same kind of atmosphere in Washington, especially when you come off a 10-6 season where you’re winning, he’s hurt, he wants to be all-in For Week 1 and that whole kind of campaign kind of gets thrown out of whack. Was he ready? Probably not. But are you gonna tell the best guy on your team, the leader of your offense look, we’re going to hold you out? You know, we’re all trying to win football games, and that’s ultimately what it came down to.”