(Via @dckerwin)
(Via @dckerwin)

No, getting positive media coverage in this town isn’t a matter of shaking hands and rubbing elbows and buying free pizza.

But hey, might as well start out with the cheesiest of good impressions.

After years of a kind of weird relationship between former Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan and the local press corps, capped off by Shanahan’s amazing admission that he usually doesn’t tell the truth, new Coach Jay Gruden introduced an era of smiles and jokes and post-press conference gab fests in the media trailer on Thursday. He also bought pizzas.

Speaking of the D.C. media corps, which is filled with a bunch of lovable softies, Pierre Garcon had this to say on NFL Network this week about the 2013 drama.

“It wasn’t as bad as it seemed,” Garcon said. “When things are going wrong, everything gets blown out of proportion, especially in D.C. with the media. But it wasn’t as bad. It’s just football; things happen every day, nothing out of the ordinary out of any other locker room. It just gets blown out of proportion with D.C.”




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“I’ll talk to all the Griffins.”

Gruden bugs out after countless RGIII questions.

Snyder at introductory news conference: A photo essay.

Word of the day: “excited.”

Gruden + Zubaz = gold.