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Jay Gruden made the rounds yesterday, spending hours talking one-on-one with various local and national media outlets. A lot of the talking points will overlap, so we’ll try not to hit you over the head with too many “I’m excited to be here”-type of stuff, but here are some interesting highlights from Gruden’s chat with LaVar and Dukes on 106.7 The Fan, including why Daniel Snyder “put him over the top” on the Redskins job.

On his first day dealing with the media

“Nervous. I was anxious, nervous, all the jitterbugs were in me. Heart beatin’ about a hundred miles an hour. I don’t really like speaking in front of press and dealing with media that much. I wanna just coach football and get ready to meet these players and meet these coaches and get started. But I know media is part of it and I’ll try to relax and deal with it a little bit, but I am definitely excited to coach this Washington Redskins football team.”

On whether there will be a Redskins quarterback controversy

“No. No, there’s no competition. Robert Griffin III is the starter, and I’m excited to work with him. Hopefully he’s excited to come to work. And I know everything I’ve heard about him as a person, as a player, has been positive. And I do like to make my own opinion when I meet him and I wanna get a chance to coach him so I’m not gonna comment much about what he did in the past or what has happened until I get a chance to meet him. But I know he’s a great, talented player and he’s got everything you want in a quarterback – the leadership, the toughness, the speed, the accuracy both long and short, anticipation. So it’s definitely going to be an exciting time to coach Robert.”

On what drew him to the Redskins position

I know Bruce Allen, I know what he is about as a person, as a general manager. And what put me over the top was meeting Daniel Snyder and his commitment to this team and this city. Sometimes you read or hear negative things about ownership groups and all that stuff. But after meeting him and the comfort level I had with him, I’m just very excited to get started. And luckily they offered me the job, and I couldn’t sign quick enough. It was not a tough decision for me at any stretch.

On whether he’s spoken to RGIII’s father

“No, I have not. I have not. I’ve been dealing with the media but I’m looking forward to talking with Robert Griffin III, Robert Griffin the fourth, the second, the first. I don’t care, I’ll talk to all the Griffins.”


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