Logan Paulsen called into “The Sports Fix” on ESPN 980 on Thursday just before Jay Gruden was officially announced as the Redskins new head coach, and gave his thoughts on the new hire.

“I have not had that opportunity to talk with him yet,” Paulsen said. “I’m looking forward to that opportunity. I’m looking forward to learning a little bit about him and kind of developing a relationship with him and the new coaching staff that he brings in. But yeah, I’m excited about a coach of his caliber and his pedigree, so it’s definitely an exciting opportunity moving forward.”

That’s two “exciteds.”

Paulsen also said that the interview process was a topic of conversation among he and his Redskins teammates.

“It’s something you talk about because it really impacts your career and your work environment obviously, so that’s something we definitely talked about,” he said. “Obviously Jay Gruden was a name that came up because he’s kinda one of those coaches that’s on the rise and who people are excited about. So definitely we did talk about those things, and we talked about all the other coaching candidates that were circulating through the media and we’re excited that ultimately it is Jay. And hopefully it’s a bright future for the organization with him at the helm.”

Add two more “exciteds.”





Here’s Kirk Cousins talking about why he’s excited to have Gruden in Washington.