What do Jrue Holiday, a giraffe and 10-year-old Sandro Dussek have in common? They’ve all been dunked on by Dwight Howard.

During the rain delay at Verizon Center on Saturday, Dwight Howard grabbed Sandro from his seat and had a little fun, going one on one with the tyke to kill some time. Sandro, son of telecom executive Steve Dussek, is a courtside fixture at Wizards games. He also has a pretty decent crossover.

Clearly Howard doesn’t believe in letting kids win. He posted up on Alessandro, dunked on him and blocked shots. The youngster took it in stride and put up some layups of his own, prompting cheers from the crowd. Dave Johnson and Glenn Consor provided a radio play-by-play to go along with it.

It was all in fun, and Sandro clearly has a story to tell. But while we’re giggling about Howard dunking on a kid, let’s never forget: