The Wizards say Marcin Gortat is 6-foot-11, which makes him an unusually tall male. But a weird thing I learned about height is that it’s all relative.

For example, here’s Marcin Gortat standing next to my Post Sports Live colleagues Jonathan Forsythe and Mike Wise, both of whom are of above-average height. Gortat towers over them.


Even more dramatically, here’s Gortat standing next to our trusted producer Jayne Orenstein. He appears to be quite a bit taller than her, in dramatic fashion.


Finally, here, via Gortat’s Instagram page, is Gortat standing next to the 7-foot-7 Gheorghe Muresan. And now the giant has met his match, and is in turn made to look like a man of modest stature.


This concludes our lesson on weight and measurement. Your quiz will require a protractor and a compass. Man, the hours I spent with protractors and compasses, and for who? For what?

(Via @recordsANDradio)