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“Metro is seeking feedback from riders and will offer many convenient opportunities for them to comment on the proposed FY15 budget and fare changes, as well as Metro’s Capital Improvement Program, beginning today,” the transit agency wrote earlier this month. “The public’s first opportunity to comment on the proposal is an online survey that went live today at wmata.com/budgetsurvey.”

The questions aren’t particularly noteworthy. How important is new carpeting in Metro cars? How about preventative maintenance on the system’s escalators, which are apparently made out of the same stuff as Andrew Bynum’s knees. How important is employee training? Improved announcements? Improved station lighting? How would you react to a fare increase on Metrorail and/or MetroBus? What about increased parking rates?

And on and on and on. Until you get to question 26, which concerns parking rates at the system’s Morgan Blvd. and Largo Town Center stops, and whether they should be lowered so Metro’s rates could be more competitive in the marketplace.

Now, there are evidently at least two versions of this survey, with two different sets of answers. But both include a shot at the Redskins’ performance during the 2013 season.

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