Yesterday, when Robert Griffin III used Facebook to send a message to an unknown critic, Bears tight end Martellus Bennett called it lame. He wasn’t clear about whether he disapproved of the message, the medium or both. But something about it was lame.

RGIII wasn’t the only Redskins personality to feel the wrath of Bennett. After LaVar Arrington’s appearance on NFL AM on Monday, Bennett launched some grenades his way.


Of course the guy with the radio show is going to have something to say, so Arrington sent some tough love back Bennett’s way during LaVar and Dukes on 106.7 The Fan.

“Martellus Bennet is lame,” began Arrington. “Anyone who nicknames himself ‘the Black Unicorn’ is lame. That’s lame. He’s a dude that’s looking for attention. Why are you the Black Unicorn? We wanna know. Help me understand, ’cause to me, that’s lame. You big, tall dude. You have nudie pictures circulating around the Internet, sir. What are you chiming in on what an upstanding citizen has to say to a fan in a respectful manner? That’s you. I remember the picture. I remember you. Yup, you were still in Dallas. I remember. Please, you posted naked pictures of your junk online, or you done got caught. Whatever it is you done with it. Somebody put it online. I know he sent it out there in cyber space. I just don’t think that people like Martellus Bennett need to be the moral police of Robert Griffin III.”

I’ve got some bad news. Everyone involved is lame. Including me for writing about it.