(Via YouTube)

The Maryland women’s basketball team will resume its fierce rivalry with Syracuse when the longtime ACC foes face off Thursday night in College Park.

Although, actually, this is the first time they’ve played since 1984. And they won’t be conference rivals anymore in about 13 minutes.

Still, you’ve got to take advantage of rivalries while they’re still here, and so the Terps announced this promotion:

The first 1,000 fans at Thursday’s contest will receive free orange juice.  Each fan in attendance will receive a bingo card with various basketball events to look for throughout the game and winners will receive prizes. Tickets start at $8.


(Via YouTube)

Bingo AND free orange juice?  Make the start time 6:30 a.m. in Boca and you’d have a full house.

Also, I can’t remember having ordered orange juice from a basketball concession stand in my entire human existence. But it looks good.