Whatever you might think about Mark Turgeon, you can’t say the Terps’ coach doesn’t care.

If you need a refresher, check out his reaction in front of the bench when Maryland was on the verge of completing its comeback against Notre Dame at Comcast Center on Wednesday night.

“Oh yeah, he was hyped wasn’t he?” center Shaq Cleare said, via Prewitt. “I had never seen him like that. I was like, ‘Coach’s going to wear his shoe down jumping around all day.’ He’s just an intense guy, great coach. He was really into the game. That’s just how he is. Gets so hyped, goes crazy, gets the crowd into it. It’s great for him. We did this one for him.”

“I don’t like making a fool out of myself but I felt like I had to tonight to get everyone involved,” the coach told reporters after the game. “We had to work so hard to get the lead. I wanted our guys to play with energy. So that’s why I acted that way.”

For even more Turgeon jumping, see his reaction after the Terps’ third successful alley-oop of the night, below. Actually, watch all three alley-oops, while you’re at it.

(Via @WickedPixels)