Nats Enquirer found a fun snippet in this month’s Men’s Journal. Gio Gonzalez talked to the magazine about his offseason fishing hobby, and tells this story about buying his first fishing pole at Kmart when he was six.

“My brother and I were thinking, We’re going to go to the canal; we might catch a whale,” he recalls, chuckling at their ambitions. Equipped with fake worms and a spray intended to attract fish, the boys cast into the shallow water. “All of a sudden out of nowhere this largemouth bass just takes it: boom! And we’re here screaming at the top of our lungs. We reel it in and it’s this nice, big-size largemouth bass. It was probably like four pounds or something.” And no, they didn’t toss it back.

Gonzalez spends much of the winter months fishing (we’ve seen the outfits), and told Men’s Journal that there’s one fish he has yet to conquer.

“Something I’ve always dreamt of catching is one of those marlins,” he says with palpable excitement. “I don’t think I want to mount it on the wall or anything, but to me, I just want that catch and release, you know – good fight, put ’em back.”

Hopefully he’ll catch some Marlins during the season, too.


“It’s a great area,” Ryan Kerrigan recently told Comcast SportsNet. “I’m living out here pretty much full time, even in the offseason, because I like it so much and it’s such a nice area to be around. It’s great. It’s so spread out, so diverse and it’s a really cool area to be in.”


A raccoon wearing a Redskins onesie. (via @MileMimica1)


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