(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

In an appearance on the Fox Sports show “Keepin’ it Real with Mike Hill,” the Redskins’ DeAngelo Hall was asked who the best cornerback in the league is. Is it a surprise that his answer was “DeAngelo Hall?”

“If you line up the top five receivers in the NFL and have one guy go out and cover ’em, I put myself out there before anybody else,” said Hall. “Before Richard Sherman, before Revis, before Peterson, before anybody else. There’s a lot goes into a defensive play or a defensive scheme. But you’re asking me to go out there and just lock one guy up, ain’t nobody better than me.”

“In man-to-man coverage,” he continued, “‘ain’t nobody better than me.”

(Oh, and he also said the Redskins “probably should” change their name.)

While he’s willing to crown himself cornerback king, Hall admitted that there’s one area that Sherman excels at over himself — trash-talking.

“I’m probably not the best,” he said, when asked who the best trash-talker in the league is. “Sherman talks a lot. He might be one of the best trash talkers. He definitely talks a lot. I don’t know if it’s warranted or not, but he definitely talks a lot of trash.”

Why isn’t Sherman’s trash-talk warranted?

“I mean, ’cause he tried to talk trash against my team last year when we played them in the playoffs and it didn’t end too well,” said Hall.

He’s referring to the confrontation with Trent Williams, who hit Sherman after the Seahawks cornerback engaged in some postgame taunting. A normally reserved Darrel Young also said Sherman’s behavior in that game crossed a line.

When asked for his favorite opponent to trade verbal jabs with, Hall got nostalgic.

“Probably back in my heyday when me and Chad [Johnson] had that rivalry going, that was some of the best football games I ever been a part of,” Hall said, fondly. “Me and him talking trash about things that’s gonna happen, putting bets on the line. I got to shave off his gold Mohawk one year up in Cincinnati. That was probably the best trash-talking I’ve ever been a part of. Me and Ochocinco.”