Our game story from Washington’s win over the Bulls Friday night began with the most remarkable part of that game. Via Michael Lee:

The Chicago Bulls are well aware of John Wall’s speed and that he can be a scary sight in the open court. So when Mike Dunleavy started backpedaling, all alone, with Wall charging hard, the Bulls forward decided to just concede the foul. Dunleavy made the requisite contact on Wall and raised his hand to accept his punishment from the officials — only to realize that Wall hadn’t conceded the bucket. Wall twisted like a propeller, flipped the ball over his shoulder and watched the ball bank in off the glass as his body completed a 360-degree spin to the hardwood.

But words really didn’t do justice to that thing Wall did Friday night, sparking the Wizards to a comeback win that got them back to .500. They were down by 6 at the time of his circus shot late in the third quarter; Wall’s bucket was part of a 10-0 run that put the Wizards back on top. And within seconds after the ball somehow found the basket as Wall hit the deck, fans online were comparing it to The Goal, perhaps Alex Ovechkin’s most famous tally, which similarly involved a No. 1 overall pick hitting the ground as he scored in miraculous fashion for Washington.

Sure, one goal in hockey is worth more than one field goal in basketball. But this is a shot people will be talking about for a while.

Now, for eight million versions of it. The audio is courtesy Dave Johnson and Glenn Consor on the Washington Wizards Radio Network.

(Via @DaneCarbaugh and @AdamMcGinnis)