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Jay Gruden went to the Wizards game on Saturday night. Here are eight things that happened while he was there.

1. People got excited.

2. Gruden talked basketball with Comcast SportsNet's Chris Miller.

“If I was a little taller, could jump a little higher, I’d be playing out here today,” the coach joked. “But I coached basketball for my kids growing up. Man, I love it. I played it in grade school, high school but that’s where it ended….Great athletes. Unbelievable athletes. The defense, the side-to-side, the lateral quickness, the up-and-down, the dribbling with both hands. I mean, it’s an unbelievable sport, and great athletes all across the board. Size, speed. We need some of these guys in the secondary, I’ll tell you that.” Miller suggested Nene could help. “Oh man,” Gruden agreed. “He could play left tackle, right tackle, defensive end. I’ll take John Wall at safety or wide receiver. Sign ’em up.”

3. He also co-starred in a photo with a dog. No, I have no idea what’s going on here.

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4. He talked to Monumental Network’s Casey Phillips about D.C. teams sticking together. 

“It can benefit you in a lot of ways,” he said, “just around the community, building awareness for all our franchises and building some support with all the fans. And it’s all about the fans, we know that. Get them all involved and have some fun.”

Watch that interview here.

5. He posed for selfies.

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6. He talked about his contract length.

Many observers have noted that Gruden’s reported five-year contract is unusual for a first-time head coach. Phillips asked about that.

“Nowadays, football is all about winning,” he said. “Doesn’t matter the length of the contract. Guys are getting released after one year, two years. It’s all about winning, and that’s my job. And I appreciate the gesture, and it’s just going to be about coming out and playing hard and getting some Ws, because contract lengths don’t matter. It’s a matter of how you do year to year.”

7. And about the thing he’s most excited about.

Again, via the Monumental Network clip:

“I think the first team meeting I’m excited about, just getting to know the players for the first time and getting them all in a room and getting ready to coach football,” he said. “Get these guys’ confidence level up. And then running out on the field for the first time at FedEx Field I think will be very, very exciting.”

8. Cynics gonna cynic.