(Patrick McDermott/Getty)

Capital City Showcase, a variety show featuring local artists, is starting a roast series focusing on Washington personalities. The first roastee will be Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.

Snyder hasn’t proven in the past to have the thickest skin, so it should come as no surprise that you won’t get to see the actual Snyder get lambasted by local comics. From the release (via @wzzntzz):

Some of the area’s funniest comics will come together to roast DC’s sports
teams, public figures, and current events. Each show will feature a “comic
stand-in” to play the part of the idea being roasted.

And for our very first show, we will be roasting none other than the owner
of the Washington Redskins, Daniel Snyder!

The show is free, which may or may not make up for the fact that you’ll be watching comedian Adam Friedland get roasted while pretending to be Dan Snyder.  The series starts on Feb. 4 with the Snyder roast. More details here.