url “We’re like BFFs!” (Photo courtesy Kell Communications, Inc.)

The off-ice antics of Capitals defensemen Karl Alzner and John Carlson have been well documented over the years, especially in their Web series called “Roommates” where they follow each other around with a video camera. More recently, the Caps’ equivalent of Bert and Ernie (guess who is who) teamed up for a series of radio spots for sportautomotive.com. The results are just as funny as fans have come to expect with these two.

Terrence Kell, vice president of Kell Communications Inc., who wrote and produced the commercials, said the two were playing off each other very well in the studio and had a great time. This isn’t surprising, however, because they’re BFFs (more on that later). So far, three commercials have aired on local radio stations since November, but there may be more coming after Carlson gets back from the Olympics.

In the meantime, take a listen to the ads below. We’ll leave it to you fans if you think some of the banter should evolve into catchphrases, or even better — signage at Verizon Center.

Spot 1: BFFs

Dialogue highlights:

Alzner: Me and Carly, we do everything together.
Carlson: We’re like BFFs!
Alzner: We even carpool to the rink in our new ride from Sport.
Carlson: That’s Best Friends Forever, Alzy.
Alzner: Whatever you kids call it, Carly. Sport Automotive, they always have a great selection of new Chevrolets and Hondas.
Carlson: That’s Forever.
Alzner: Gotcha Carly, And they’re conveniently located in the Montgomery County Autopark. It’s right in Silver Spring.
Carlson: Forevah! (singing)
Alzner: Carly!

Spot 2: Googler

Dialogue highlights:

Alzner: Hey Carly, whatcha doin’?
Carlson: Just Googling.
Alzner Wow, you’re a good Googler.

Spot 3: MVPs

Dialogue highlights:

Alzner: A lot of people don’t know us because we play defense.
Carlson: And we’re not Russian.

Now only if we can get them to start doing their roommates videos again.

Ben Sumner works in the Post’s IT department and writes for Capitals Outsider.