(Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Bradley Beal and his mom have a pretty close relationship. Take, for instance, Beal in April talking about how he would spend his summer.

“Depends on what my mom wants to do,” he said at the time. “If she wants to get a house. Lord knows how that’s gonna go.”

Or, in the same conversation, when he explained why he might not get another tattoo.

“Maybe, I don’t know,” he said. “My mom, she probably won’t let me. I mean, I still have to listen to her. I can’t just go against her.”

Clearly, he’s a good son.

On Tuesday during a call with Grant and Danny on 106.7 The Fan, Beal talked about a phone call he got from his mom after he went 2 for 14 against Detroit on Saturday.

“She was upset I wasn’t making any shots,” Beal explained. “She knows I can make more shots than what I was doing the other night. She definitely gets on my head. She’s my biggest critic. Whenever she gives me a call, I know it’s something serious.”

Beal said her criticism wasn’t just reserved for that game.

“A little bit of both,” he responded, when asked if she was concerned about one game or his general performance. “She wants me to shoot 30 for 30 every night. That’s her expectations. But everybody knows that probably won’t happen. She’s a learner of the game. She’s the one who taught me how to shoot, so whenever she’s calling me whenever she sees something wrong with my shot, she’s quick to correct me. And I’m always all ears.”