Six NFL teams have done HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” including the Cowboys and Bengals twice. The Redskins, obviously, are not among those teams, although their new coach played a starring role in last summer’s season.

NFL rules mean the Redskins are exempt this season, but with Jay Gruden a “Hard Knocks” veteran, and the Redskins a compelling team in a major media market, it was natural that someone was going to ask the new coach if he were interested in signing up for the future. That someone turned out to work for the team’s Web site.

“I don’t know yet, I would have to talk that over with Bruce [Allen] and Dan [Snyder],” Gruden told Brian Tinsman of “It wasn’t that big of a deal to have the crews in there. It was kind of fun actually. I would prefer not to have it, but if the NFL forced our hand, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.”

The Web site noted the “kind of fun” part in its headline, but I’d focus on the “prefer not to have it” part. Other people who would prefer not to have it: fans worried about distractions, media members worried about chasing late-night HBO reveals, and bloggers who have had their fill of transcribing profane rants.


The Caps’ situation got serious Tuesday night; a home shutout loss to Ottawa was their sixth straight and 13th in 17 games, and they’re now back in sixth place in their division.

“When you win, it’s because you deserve to win generally. And if you’re not winning, do something extra,” Brooks Laich said. “Well done is better than well said. If you want to talk about it, go show it on the ice. Guys have tried it. The locker room, nobody’s yelling and screaming in here. We have to prove it to our teammates, prove it to yourself, the organization. We have to be better as players.”


With passions rising, many Caps fans took offense at this playful online jab from the Senators. I thought it was kind of clever and certainly harmless, but to each his own.


Got a snow day again? Don’t have a child who despises the sound of air horns? How about a free George Washington women’s basketball game at Smith Center at 11 a.m.? And if you have a child who despises the sound of air horns, I can certainly sympathize.


The Maryland lacrosse team practiced in the snow on Tuesday, and it was scenic.


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