Did you see Jan Vesely’s two-handed alley-oop on Sunday night? It was the most memorable play from a mostly blah Wizards win over Philadelphia. But it was pretty cool.

John Wall was asked about that dunk on ESPN 980 Tuesday afternoon.

“That’s what Vesely does,” the point guard replied. “Man, we’ve seen him do some crazy things in practice that doesn’t make no sense, that you’d never think he would be able to catch. So when we’re in the game, I love when he’s in the game with me. I always feel like if I get the opportunity — if I see him ahead of anybody, or running along somebody — I feel like he’ll win the battle with them if I throw it up there.”

“I guess Gortat’s description really fits when it comes to Vesely,” Brian Mitchell then said.

“Uh, yeah….” a clearly confused Wall replied.

Thus, we flash back to early January, when Vesely’s leaping had also been raised in the locker room.

The Wizards are well aware of Vesely’s vast array of dunks because the Czech Republic native has rarely been shy about showing off or testing his material during and after practice.

“I know he’s capable of doing some sick stuff. I stay with him after practice. We stay with each other a lot and I know he can do,” Marcin Gortat said. “He’s a black man in a white body. He can jump out the gym. You never see a white man jump like that.”

When told of Gortat’s comment, Martell Webster paused for a moment to process it.

“You know, Jan. Jan, I love the kid,” Webster said. “But he’s nowhere near black. At all! Have you heard his music? I think the tempo is, on average, 170 beats per minute. I don’t see it guys. I don’t see it.”

Scott Jackson attempted to get Wall up to speed.

“[Gortat] said [Vesely] was a black man trapped in a white man’s body,” Jackson explained.

“They wouldn’t be able to put Jan in the White Men Can’t Jump movie,” Wall agreed.

(Gif via D.C. Sports Nexus.)