The U.S. Conference of Mayors is holding its winter meetings in Washington this week, and during a gathering of the Mayors Children and Health committee, Green Bay Mayor James Schmitt, who chairs that committee, took a gentle shot at the Redskins.

Schmitt opened the meeting by asking the various mayors in the room to introduce themselves.

“We’ll start with a very good friend of mine, the host of the conference,” began. “Every time I come here, and I do come here often, this is just a very clean, friendly city. Not the best football team, Mayor, but … I had to go there. Of course we could have done better, too. But I’m glad he’s here, I’m glad I could co-chair this committee with him, and if he could start with you, Mayor Gray, and then we’ll go around.”

Washington’s Vincent Gray chuckled his mayorly chuckle and took his turn.

“Thank you very much and good afternoon everybody,” he said. “I am Vince Gray and I’m the mayor of the District of Columbia. Delighted to be the host city and delighted to work with Mayor Schmitt. And I aspire to be able to have a team as mayor Schmitt does. We were 3-13 this year, so there’s nowhere to go but up, ladies and gentlemen.”

Who wants to be the one to tell him that up isn’t the only direction from 3-13?

Video of the exchange is here.


Bradley Beal had a minutes limit last night. Unfortunately he hit that limit before the game went into overtime, forcing Beal to watch his team lose from the bench. This made him sad.



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