(Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

Players, coaches and team executives usually get closets full of team gear, most of it for free. I always wonder what they do with it when they leave an organization. I suppose it depends on how the relationship ended. I’m sure the answers range from donating it to keeping it in a box in the basement to burning it all in a bonfire.

Mike Shanahan likely isn’t wearing his Redskins hoodie around town this winter, but apparently in happier times he was proud of the affiliation. So much so that at one point he had a suit custom made to flaunt his team spirit. From a profile in the Times-Dispatch of a local tailor in Richmond:

One out of town customer is Mike Shanahan, the recently-fired coach of the Washington Redskins. A stylish blue suit was recently completed for Shanahan. Unfortunately, the lining is burgundy and gold.

The article doesn’t say when the suit was originally ordered, but I’d bet dollars to donuts it wasn’t in the last few months. It’s not surprising that Shanahan was willing to leave his Redskins-themed custom suit stranded at the tailor. Perhaps Jay Gruden can go rescue it.

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