Athletes get asked to sign a lot of weird things. Karl Alzner once told me a Caps fan asked him to sign her leather whip. Alfred Morris and London Fletcher once autographed a service dog, and one Caps fan has been collecting signatures on his car. For the Wizards, the item of choice seems to be body parts. Particularly foreheads.

“I can’t say it,” John Wall joked, when asked by Monumental what unusual thing fans have asked him to sign. “I’ve signed somebody’s forehead before. They told me they’d never wash it.”

Martell Webster also got a forehead request.

“A grown man,” said Webster. “I’m not proud of it. He wanted his forehead signed, so I signed his forehead.”

Trevor Ariza didn’t mention foreheads, but he did autograph a kid once.

“I signed a little kid’s back before,” he laughed. “That’s pretty strange.”

Marcin Gortat sees your foreheads and kids and raise you a combination kid/forehead for the win.

“The craziest thing I had to sign. You really wanna know?” he said. “Well, obviously all different parts of the body. Abs, hands, arms, head. I recently signed a forehead of a freshly born baby, which was ridiculous. And I said, ‘Why would you want to do that?’ and the lady said, ‘It’s gonna be a sign he’s gonna be a basketball player.’ So, for some reason, I don’t know why I signed it, why I did it, I felt bad for this kid. But at the end of the day I realized I would never do this again.”

Who are all of you sillies asking people to write on your forehead? Also, if you’re the mom of said baby, please send along a photo of your autographed kid. We’d like to know if Gortat signed his whole name.
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