Mark Brunell spent four seasons with the Redskins during the second Joe Gibbs era, so he’s familiar with the dynamic between Redskins coaches and their quarterbacks. During a call in to “The Sports Fix” on ESPN 980, Brunell talked a little bit about what adjustments Robert Griffin III and Jay Gruden will have to make in order to be successful.

“Obviously it’s going to take both those guys to do their jobs very, very well,” he said. “But RGIII, I believe, he needs to make the biggest adjustment because he simply has to play better. And he has to understand that he’s very fortunate to have Jay Gruden, a proven coach, great offensive mind. And really what I saw this year was a young man in his second year that, he’s got a lot of growing to do on the field. It’s not about RGIII. It’s about the Washington Redskins and that offense. I think they have a great leader in Jay Gruden. He worked wonders there in Cincinnati and he’s a proven football coach.

“RGIII has a lot of talent,” Brunell continued. “He’s got a bright future and he’s in a situation now where I think he can flourish and take his game to the next level. He’s gotta trust the guys around him. He’s still very young. He’s still gonna make mistakes. But he’s so gifted and so talented and I think it’s a great move by Mr. Snyder. I think it’s a good match and I think it’s exactly what the Washington Redskins needed at this time.”

Clearly Brunell approves of the Gruden hire. But why have the Redskins had so many years of failure?

“That’s a tough question,” he replied when asked that exact question. “First of all, it’s very tough to get it right after it’s been wrong for so long. If you look at the NFL, there are five, maybe six organizations that get it right year in and year out. It’s the Denver Broncos, it’s the New Orleans Saints, it’s the New England Patriots, it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers, that you just expect them to be good. And it’s tough to find that chemistry. It’s tough to assemble a team that really can play together consistently year in and year out. It’s not an easy thing to do and it’s tough to win in this league and there are reasons for it. I’ve got a lot of respect for Mr. Snyder. I know he’s doing his best and if there’s anybody in that organization that wants a championship, it’s him. To find the right formula between coach and personnel, it’s very, very difficult. But hopefully for the Redskins, this will be the time where they get thing turned around. And maybe in a couple of years, they become one of those franchises that is consistently winning football games and is getting into the playoffs.”


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