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One of the Nats Fest events every year is a kids Q&A session with a few of the players. This year, Stephen Strasburg and Anthony Rendon were the interview subjects, and if this video is any indication, they handled themselves well.

A cute little girl in a red bow took her chance at the microphone to ask Strasburg and Rendon how many girlfriends they have. Sure, kids say the darndest things, but I’ve heard adults ask players similar questions.

Rendon replied that he only had one girlfriend. Strasburg is also a one-woman man.

“Well, I got one wife,” Strasburg responded. “But no girlfriend.”

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Other events included a Wheel of Fortune style game, where Bryce Harper took home the win.


Jayson Werth, Craig Stammen and Ryan Mattheus also played Name that Tune with their teammates at-bat songs.