(Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press – AP Photo)

Heading into Saturday night’s visit to Montreal, the Caps fan chatter was about as depressed as its been all season

That meant there were jokes about curses, and about breaking curses, and about cursing over curses, and stuff like that.

Which led to this exchange between a popular blogger and a well-known radio voice.

Now, big promises aside, Walton did not, in fact, broadcast the Caps’ 5-0 blowout victory over the Canadiens in French. He did, however, add a Euro twist to his signature “good morning, good afternoon and good night” victory call.

“Bon Matin! Bonne Apres Midi! Et Bon Soir Montreal!” Walton said, more or less.

Last week, of course, some Caps fans were miffed when the Ottawa Senators left D.C. with a humorous and geography-specific victory phrase. But I say take things a little bit less seriously. French catchphrases and #ThanksObama taunts are both just adding a few more pixels of emotion to the world.