(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Drew Magary wrote a profile of NFL scoop machine Jay Glazer for GQ, and during the course of the piece it would be fair for your average reader to deduce that Glazer is at least a little bit crazy (“the world’s most charming maniac,” is how Magary describes him). But is he really crazy enough to perjure himself in front of a federal grand jury? It turns out that at one point years ago, Redskins GM Bruce Allen thought so.

GQ posted some outtakes from the Glazer interview, and buried inside was this little ditty.

And Glazer telling then-Raiders executive Bruce Allen that he would perjure himself on the stand if Allen tried to get Glazer to reveal his sources on performance-enhancing drugs to a federal grand jury: “He was trying to get me up there and said if I don’t, I should face jail time and all that. And I called Bruce and said, Bruce, let me tell you something dude. If you guys put me on the stand — I’m just letting you know — I will name you and Al Davis as my sources. He said, You can’t do that! I said, I can do whatever I want to do, man. He said, Are you out of your mind? I said, Yes, that’s the point. Do not go any further, I’m telling you! He said: You’re crazy, Glazer. I said, you’re right! Enough. And that was it. He [expletive] believed that I would do it. I’m not going to lie on the stand, but I’m just not going to [expletive] say [expletive]. But would I tell him that I would put Al through the ringer on it? Absolutely. I will protect my sources, dude. I will do anything, anything to protect my sources, and that’s the bottom line.” He and Allen are also good now.

Well, as long as they’re good now.