(Via @PCBCJennTR)
(Via @PCBCJennTR)

The Nats issued a news release on new developments in Nationals Park food choices. At the risk of just serving as a mouthpiece for a news release here, I’m going to just serve as a mouthpiece for a news release here, because there were many fascinating parts of this news release.

* The news part of the release was that the Nats have signed a multi-year deal with Levy Restaurants, which has been the Nats Park concession food provider since 2009.

* Andy Lansing, that company’s President and CEO, says in the release that his company is “Chef-driven with an analytics-based approach,” and that “we push ourselves to innovate every aspect of the game day, from the ingredients we source, to the dishes they inspire and how we leverage technology to create a dynamic, high-touch experience for fans.”

Those are a lot of buzzwords for one paragraph about stadium concessions.

* What analytics are they leveraging, you ask?

“Leveraging a season-long study of fan behaviors, Levy and the Nationals targeted many stands around the park for redesign, adding points of service to get fans in and out of lines and back to the action quickly through faster purchase times and optimized event day flow,” the release says. “Fans will also enjoy new digital menu boards introduced throughout the ballpark for enhanced service and real-time information on offerings, promotions and more.”

Let’s hope there’s enough analytics leveraging to reduce those long lines on dollar-dog night.

* The release says the team and company will “expand the ballpark’s Farm-to-Table program and introduce new collaborations with local restaurants and farmers to bring fresh meat, poultry and vegetables to guests throughout Nationals Park.”

Not clear whether peanuts count as farm-to-table vegetables or not.

* Okay, some specifics: the release says the District Drafts booth — which features local brews from DC Brau, 3 Stars, Port City and others — will be expanded from two locations to four.

* The release also mentions new menu items, “including hand rolled sushi, stir-fry to order noodles, house made jumbo lump crab cakes and new vegetarian and gluten-free options, like fresh salads, sandwiches, veggie burritos and more.” Not clear if these will be in club-seat or general-admission sections, although a spokeswoman wrote that they new offerings “are expected to be available on the regular concourses.”