(Steve Helber/AP)
(Steve Helber/AP)

Not for the last time, Bruce Allen was asked about the much-discussed Dan Snyder-Robert Griffin III relationship during a recent interview with Comcast SportsNet’s Chick Hernandez. Allen, if you can believe this, doesn’t see a problem.

“No, I’m not concerned with that,” Allen replied. “Dan has a very good relationship with most of the guys in this locker room and most of our alumni. And that’s actually an asset. And there wasn’t one coach we talked to who didn’t think of that as an asset, coming from the different programs they have come from.”

Allen was also asked, not for the last time, about the approach of a free-agency period in which the Redskins won’t be afflicted by salary-cap penalties.

“It’ll be a little bit different, but we want to first look at our players, make sure we retain the ones that we feel can help us win in the future,” Allen said. “And then with the leftover money that’s available, we will fish around in free agency. It’s comfortable to know we have room, but we also have a lot of spots on this football team that need improving. I wish we were deeper in personnel than we are right now. But that’s our job right now. We’re gonna have to get about 20 new players for this football team.”

(Last week, the GM promised that the Redskins would be active in free agency.)

In a previous part of the interview, Allen had been asked about 2013’s Leakghazi.

“It would have been ugly if it was in a different locker room as well, just to read about it,” Allen said. “That wasn’t what we wanted to represent. It’s not who we are. But obviously we did not handle adversity very well last year; and in fact, we created some of our own adversity. But those are some of the lessons that we learned, and we’ve got to get better. … It hurt. I think the right word was distasteful.”