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A few weeks back, Fred Smoot was filling in on 106.7 The Fan with Kevin Shafer, who asked the former cornerback a bunch of questions about the “Love Boat” affair.

Now, to his credit, Smoot doesn’t really bring this topic up on his own very much. But people are constantly asking about it. (If you’re confused, see some NSFW details here.) And this time, Smoot provided more details than I previously recall. He also said this:

“It was a charity event actually,” Smoot joked. “Yeah, we wore our pink. It was for breast cancer.”

Obviously it was not, in fact, a charity event. But one thing led to another, and now some folks and Smoot are actually trying to make a Love Boat-inspired charity cruise happen, to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

“The Fred Smoot Love Boat Part 2,” it’s called, and while organizers are promising “a wholesome good time,” they’re also pointing out that if it happens, you’d get “three hours on a damn boat with Fred Smoot and other former/current NFL players.”

The event only happens if 200 people sign up, but it’s already led to a Fred Smoot appearance on Reddit, in which he was asked for his favorite NFL player.

“Richard Sherman, because he’s me if I was 6’3, went to Stanford and had a darker complexion,” Smoot wrote. “I’m living vicariously through Richard Sherman every Sunday….I loved [the Sherman rant]. I loved every bit of it. I watch the game to be entertained. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!”

And also, it allows me to revisit more details Smoot provided to Shafer about how Love Boat 1 came to be.

“I totally got blamed for it, and this is why,” Smoot told Shafer. “Because the party was actually supposed to be thrown in an undisclosed location. They was gonna buy out a club. They thought we was gonna throw it in an undisclosed place and just rent the whole place and let nobody in. Well that fell through and so then it was like, we gotta figure something out. How about we do it on yachts?…We sitting over there with a couple guys trying to plan it out, and here come my big mouth — Well, how ’bout we just throw it on some yachts?

“They were like Well alright man….As we continue with the story, then I made the phone call. This is what made me infamous. I make the call to the boating company, and they was like, Yeah, no problem man, just leave us a credit card. And guess what I did? Left my credit card in my name. But don’t forget I’m the new guy. I hadn’t been a Viking but two months. I was the new guy….I was just learning how they do stuff.”

And the party itself, Smoot insisted, was not all that fabulous.

“Just friends chilling amongst friends, enjoying themselves, that’s all it was, man,” Smoot said. “Like I tell people, it was overblown and overrated. I’ve been to more [fun] places in Miami, California. I’ve been to places that really have fun. South America….You know, cities like New York, D.C., Miami, Atlanta, this type of stuff happens every day.”

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