Joe Gibbs filmed a fun segment for “The Colbert Report,” where he sat down for a football chat with Stephen Colbert in advance of the Super Bowl. Of course, the segment was filled with some gentle teasing of the Redskins coaching legend, but he did slip a few choice quotes into the conversation. Like this one, about football in Washington.

“I think it’s the greatest town to coach in. I think it’s the greatest sports franchise in the world.”

And this, about the NFL’s biggest game.

“I think it’s the greatest thing that man can create, is the Super Bowl.”

Gibbs also caught on to the shtick pretty quickly, teasing Colbert when the host explained he wanted to play the position with the “most money, most attention, most supermodels with the least amount of contact.”


“You definitely want to play quarterback,” said Gibbs, giving Colbert’s physique a once-over.  “Now, you get hit some back there. You do get hit. Most guys that make it start when they’re 5, work hard at it. How much time you’ve spent in the weight room. I mean, I don’t see a lot here.”


Here’s the full segment. (via a bunch of people)





Some folks are crowdfunding a boat party with Fred Smoot for charity and calling it the “Fred Smoot Love Boat Part 2.” I see nothing that could go awry here.


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