Jordan Crawford was the sort of memorable D.C. player — loved by many, loathed by others — whom local fans will continue to talk about for centuries after his departure, lauding his good games or laughing at his missteps, and always relating things back to his time in Washington.

Tuesday night, Senor Steez — now with the Warriors, his second post-Washington team — came back in contact with the Wizards for the second time in a month. When I saw he had entered the game, I predicted he would shoot the ball the first time he touched it. Pretty sure he did. The result is above.

A few minutes later, Steez shot again, with a similar result.

Now, of course, he eventually settled down, and those wound up being his only two misses of the night, en route to nine points. But his obvious interest in striking the Wizards dead fell as short as these two shots.

(Via @Truth_About_It)