(Courtesy the Nationals)

In between talking about the upcoming Nats season and the team’s new manager at NatsFest last weekend, principal owner Mark Lerner also dropped a nugget of news.

“We’ve covered over all the concrete in the whole stadium, the concourses,” Lerner told 106.7 The Fan’s Holden Kushner. “We knew it would take about five years, six years before it would get really dirty and you couldn’t get it clean anymore. And we put a textured coating on it that is absolutely fantastic. It looks like you’re walking on carpeting. It’ll actually be red, so it’s hot-looking.”

Of course, looking at photos on a cloudy winter day isn’t really the same as strolling down the concourse during a sunny summer afternoon, but these images should give you the basic idea. All the concourses, ramps, restrooms and seating-bowl stairs at Nationals Park are being coated with this new “flake” flooring, which will help preserve and protect the concrete, preventing leaking and cracking.

Lerner also talked about a few other upgrades to the stadium, including two new suites and improvements to the concessions.

“We’re always fiddling with the place,” he told Kushner. “We’ve got a lot of new food offerings. The lines at the concessions stands will be a lot quicker. We’re going to computerized menu boards. A lot of money’s being spent, and we’re excited about it.”

(Courtesy the Nationals)