(John Bazemore/AP)

There were a lot of anonymous sources saying a lot of things about the Redskins near the end of the 2013 season. Personally, I kind of hoped that the conclusion of the season might lead to those same people saying some of those same things on the record, to add some clarity to the muck.

Hasn’t happened yet.

Instead, you get people like Alfred Morris, rejecting some of the premises of the late-season Leakghazi.

Like, here was Morris this week, talking to SI Now Live about the relationship between Daniel Snyder and Robert Griffin III.

“I really don’t know, because I don’t pay much attention, to be honest with you,” Morris said. “Around the facility, it’s something that you don’t see. Maybe outside of that they may have a good relationship, but we don’t know. Mr. Snyder comes in, and usually he’s in his office or he’s taking care of front-office stuff. Robert is always with us. So we never see them together, so I really wouldn’t know the type of relationship they have.

“But if they did have a close relationship, it wouldn’t bother me,” Morris went on. “Because I come in to work, I come in to do my job, and I don’t come to worry about who has a relationship with who. I think we all should focus on that. But I guess some people don’t. The media just really blew that up, and I don’t see why. Nothing against them, but we came to do our job — we didn’t come to try to figure out who has a relationship with who. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. It’s the business. Everyone has a job to do in this business.”

Then host Maggie Gray pointed out that Morris is becoming the kind of star who should have a special relationship with the owner himself. And she asked what that relationship was like.

The running back laughed and blushed, as you’d expect.

“He’s a really nice guy,” Morris said of Snyder. “Actually, the first time he spoke to me I was kind of shocked. He was like hey, c’m’ere, and I was like who me? I was in the training room; it kind of shocked me. He always talks, his wife is very nice. I mean, it’s just like any relationship; you meet someone who’s nice, you converse with them. It really doesn’t feel like the owner, even though you know he’s the owner. I’m not saying I’m best friends with the guy, but I think he’s really nice and I enjoy conversations with him. We always get a couple chuckles out of it, and we go about our ways.”

As for why the 2013 season dissolved into name calling and source quoting, Morris wasn’t exactly sure.

“I’m not really sure, but that’s just human nature,” the running back said. “You never want to fully take responsibility at certain times, especially when it’s piling up and becomes overwhelming. You want to point the finger quickly; people want to say this and that. A lot of the stuff that was out in the media, I think it was getting kind of twisted and misunderstood. But I think as a whole, we did stick together, we did our best to try to finish strong. It was tough, though, because you had so much negative stuff surrounding us from the beginning of the season….

“All this controversy starts, this drama, and it just makes it tough to continue to be sticking together,” he went on. “I know we stuck together, but with people getting misunderstood, saying this and that, it just happens. We’re erasing it.”