I still can’t decide for 100 percent certain whether G-Wiz’s fall here was staged or not.

If it was, it was executed to perfection. If it wasn’t, pray for G-Wiz’s children.

(You know, I guess it was staged. But it makes me sad not to believe our mascots. Plus he waved his arms so convincingly.)


Either way, yes, this is the first thing I’ve published from Washington’s impressive Saturday night home victory over Kevin Durant and the streaking Thunder. It’s dedicated to the e-mailer who woke me up Sunday morning with a note about the Clippers fans dressed as wizards, noting my item was “dreadful” and had “nothing to do with anything.” He seemed to think I couldn’t do worse. I can, sir, I can.

(Thanks to @recordsANDradio. Video via jschu83)

In a subsequent conversation with Wizards writer Adam McGinnis, G-Wiz seemed to confirm that he’s ok.