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The Wizards’ radio play-by-play call offers its own comforting realm: the sometimes excitable Dave Johnson, the soothing New York accent of Glenn Consor, the on-air reading of tweets, Johnson’s familiar calls of “It’s There!“, the banter about mysterious pop-culture trends, the occasional frustration mixed with general optimism about life and basketball.

Monday night, an interloper will invade that realm. His name is Danny Rouhier, and general optimism isn’t really his thing.

See, 106.7 The Fan’s midday host — a pretty serious Wizards fan — has had a long-running back-and-forth with Consor, the team’s radio color analyst. Consor generally sees Wizards things through a glass-half-full prism. Rouhier, on the other hand, typically sees them through a glass-smashed-into-bits-while-poisoned-water-cascades-onto-the-floor prism.

Both men, of course, dearly want to see the Wizards succeed. So after one of these conversations, Consor invited Rouhier to sit in during an entire game broadcast.


They wanted to find an appropriate week-day home game; after various scheduling concerns, they finally settled on Monday night’s meeting with the Trail Blazers. Rouhier, as you likely know, is an accomplished stand-up comedian with years of radio experience, but he’s never done a game broadcast, at any level.

“I’ve watched a couple Portland games in the last few days, and I have a number of stats and nuggets and some things I’ll hopefully be able to incorporate, but my main role is to not ruin the broadcast, as far as I can tell,” Rouhier told me Monday morning. “I’m nervous now, I was nervous last night, I’ll be nervous come game time. Those guys are pros; that’s what they do and they’ve done it so long . I know full well from being in radio, a lot of people think things are easy that only sound easy because of hard work. Dave and Glenn make it sound like it’s easy, and I know that it isn’t. So I’m excited about it, but obviously nervous. I don’t want to be known for ‘Hey, remember that time the mid-day host ruined the Wizards broadcast?’ I don’t want that.”

Longtime 106.7 The Fan listeners will recall that Rouhier has a fairly convincing Consor impersonation; he said it will likely come out once or twice during Monday’s broadcast. Consor apparently also has a Rouhier impersonation; “it’s probably not as accurate, but it captures the character of a frantic guy that waves his arms and shouts a lot,” Rouhier noted.

Regardless, he hopes to mostly remain in the background and just offer his impressions when called upon. And he readily admitted that being part of the team’s official broadcast will likely decrease his typical levels of doom and gloom, at least for one night.

“One playoff series win in 30 years will kind of make someone a little bit negative, but I still love ’em, I’m there every year, and I watch every single game I can,” he said. “My idols growing up as a Wizards fan were just as much Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier as they were the players. So as a lifelong Wizards fan, I jumped at this chance.”