(Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP)

If you’re the new Redskins head coach and you want to earn points with the fan base via a symbolic gesture that only takes a few minutes, you could learn the words to ‘Hail to the Redskins.’ Or read up on 50 Gut and 70 Chip. Or advocate for reduced parking rates at FedEx Field. Or call Joe Gibbs and ask for his blessing.

Not sure about the first three, but Jay Gruden has already done No. 4 on that list.

“Jay called me and I had to chance to talk to Jay on the phone — he and Bruce called,” Gibbs told 106.7 The Fan last week. “I think it’s one of the greatest times in your life. I told him, I said I think the first time I got that job, I don’t think I slept for three days. You’re so wired, you know what I mean? It’s a great experience.”

“I wouldn’t try to give him advice,” Gibbs told NBC Washington. “The only things I said to him — I got a chance to talk to him on the phone — I said Jay, hey, you’ve got the greatest job in the world first of all, with the greatest fan base. And, I told him, I think with one of the great owners that’s gonna prove out. Dan will do anything to help you win….And so those are the things I tried to share with him. I wouldn’t try to talk to him anything about technical football. I know he’s thrilled with the job, and we’re all, as Redskins fans, gonna be pulling and cheering as hard as we can.”

Gibbs, of course, was doing a media tour as part of the Super Bowl festivities last week, and he wound up talking about Daniel Snyder quite a bit, with quite a few outlets. A sampling:

To NBC Washington: “When I was there and lost games, it was never Dan’s fault, it was always my fault. Because Dan was always giving me what it took. He was always there with me. 12:01, we were on free-agency phone calls, he was there with me til 6 in the morning….I try to set the record straight: I think he is an owner that has a burning desire to win. He never meddles. He’s always there to support you. And I think in the end, that’s what’s gonna prove out. We’ve just got to get the right combination there and give him some wins.”

To 106.7 The Fan: “To be quite truthful, I think Dan, for me, was the perfect owner. He was interested only in winning. He would do whatever he could do. He was there at 12:01, working with me on free agency and stayed there all night. Never meddled in things. Supported me 100 percent. And so I think we’ve got the right owner. And this formula kind of reminds me a little bit of when I came in. I was an offensive coordinator, young, calling the plays. And so let’s hope that we hit the right formula here.”

To ESPN 980: “I think we’re good friends; we’re great friends. I enjoyed being there with him. He did everything he could. I tell the fans there all the time, he did everything he could to help me win football games. When we lost football games, it was my fault, not his. Dan was an awesome owner for me, and we’re good friends. And so we talk quite often about different things, and I always laugh, he gets me laughing all the time. I don’t have an official role, [but] anything that ever comes up, I’d always do anything I could for the Redskins.”

To The Post: “A lot of people ask me questions. And of course every time I get a chance to talk about Dan, I try to tell people that when I was there he did every single thing he could do to help me win. And when we lost football games, it was my responsibility, not his. He did his part. And if it was 12 o’clock [midnight] on free agency, he was there with me and we wouldn’t leave until 8 in the morning. So I really feel like Dan — all it takes is the right combination. If we get the right combination together, I think Dan will do what he needs to do as an owner. That’s for sure.”