The Super Bowl provided one final opportunity during the 2013ish football season for people to make jokes about the Redskins.

Like, there were plenty of “now people know what it’s like to watch the Redskins” jokes being made during that interminably boring blowout of a game.

And even before the game, there were jokes. Witness this exchange from the Virginia Senate last week, which comes via Richmond’s Style Weekly.

It started when Senator Frank Wagner, a Republican from Virginia Beach, used his “personal privilege” time to remind colleagues of the 5th annual Super Bowl party for members of the General Assembly, at the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association up on Grace Gray Street. No ties allowed, jeans encouraged, and please do mingle with members from the other side of the hall.

“Unfortunately, I don’t see the Redskins in the mix — maybe not next year, or for a long long time,” Wagner concluded. 

This led to a response, from Majority Leader Richard Saslaw Saslow, a Democrat from Fairfax.

“Mr. President, on a slightly lighter note, I listen with interest to the personal privilege by the senior senator from Virginia Beach and I was wondering if he would care to comment on the fact that both Denver and Seattle come from the only two states in America that have legalized marijuana,” Saslaw began. “Would that — if we did that in Virginia – would that fix the Redskins’ problems?”

As laughter filled the chamber, Wagner responded.

“Mr. President,” he said, “I don’t think there’s enough drugs in the world to fix that problem.”

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Marion Barry, during the halftime musical performance featuring Bruno Mars and the Chili Peppers.



Not particularly surprising that no one would recognize Alfred Morris in Times Square, I suppose, but there can’t be many Pro Bowl running backs who could make that claim.


Well-publicized Nats fan Ben Bernanke left his perch at the Federal Reserve last week, and there was a baseball-themed goodbye party. Via Ylan Q. Mui:

A larger baseball-themed farewell with Fed staff was held on Thursday in the atrium. Hundreds of people crowded the marbled staircase and hallways of the building. There was popcorn, Crackerjacks and ice cream – but sadly no beer. And they passed around this custom baseball card with Bernanke’s batting record.


Already got some Virginia senators and Bernanke in here; might as well add some political consultants. Via Think Progress:

The Washington Redskins are paying a team of high-profile consultants with ties to the Republican Party to advise the team on issues around its controversial name, a spokesperson for the team said in a statement to ThinkProgress on Friday. The spokesperson, vice president of communications Tony Wyllie, had previously denied that the team was paying the consultants when ThinkProgress learned of their involvement.

Emails obtained by ThinkProgress this week showed that the team consulted Republican messaging guru Frank Luntz, former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, and former Republican governor and senator George Allen when asked about issues around the team’s name.


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