courtesy of BJ Treuting

BJ Treuting has been growing his beard since Jan. 14, 2012, and vows that only one thing will cause him to shave it: The Nationals have to win a World Series.

The actual growing of the beard isn’t new for Treuting, a math teacher at Manassas Park Middle School and varsity baseball coach at Manassas Park High School, who usually grows a beard during high school baseball season.

“A couple of my players know that I grow the beard with no trimming it or shaving it at all until the season ends,” Treuting explained. “Before the baseball season starts I usually shave one last time and then let the growth take over for the next three to four months.”

In 2012, that “one last time” was under a queen’s orders.

“My family is all from New Orleans,” Treuting said. “My cousin was selected to be the queen for the Krewe of Isis, and her only wish as queen was that I shaved. Since I was a duke on her court and she was the queen, I went to a barber and went under the razor one last time.”

That day in January was the last time Treuting was seen clean-shaven. The superstitious coach began his usual baseball beard for the 2012 season, but the facial hair also started getting some recognition at Nats Park once that season started in Washington. He kept the facial hair and halfway through the Nats season, with a good beard base going, he decided that he wouldn’t shave again until the Nationals won a World Series.

The Nats fan had high hopes that the 2013 season would bring sweet relief to his face. Unfortunately it didn’t, much to the chagrin of his dad.

“The only true person that hates it is my father,” Treuting said. “He hates the ‘stupid thing’ on my face.”

Treuting insists that most other people like the beard. Or, at least, respect its mission.

“I have found that for the most part everyone loves it,” he said. “I would lose a lot of my friends if I shaved, until they recognized me again at least. I get a hard time about it from most friends and coworkers until they see how much care I put into it. It’s a lot of hard work and time to get this thing looking respectable.”

The “respectable” beard, now two years in the making, made an appearance at this year’s Nats FanFest, where it got to spend some face time with Ryan Mattheus.

“We sat there for about an hour talking with his girlfriend,” said Treuting, who also got to compare facial-hair stories with the Nats pitcher. “[Mattheus is] probably one of the most down-to-earth professional athletes I have ever talked to.”

The easy-going Nats fan, who sometimes trims the mustache to make eating and drinking possible, insists that nothing short of a world championship will make the beard disappear.

“I get a bunch of flack for it needing to be trimmed or evened or shaped but I will not give in to any scissors, trimmers or razors until the Nats win it all,” said Treuting, who won’t even break for a playoff win. “The only playoff that counts for the beard to be removed is when they hoist the World Series trophy.”

courtesy of BJ Treuting

courtesy of BJ Treuting