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Santana Moss sat down for something called “Nite Cap With Peter Bailey,” described by the show’s site as a “hub for insight into what truly matters in our society by offering soulful and introspective reportage that redefines who we are by humanizing today’s stories and news makers.” Much of the conversation was about the future of black youth athletes, but the host did ask Moss why Robert Griffin III was under so much pressure this past season.

“It was just the city and him being him,” Moss repsonded. “Heisman winner and having the first season he had, it was almost bound to happen. But I feel it shouldn’t happen that way. It shouldn’t have been in such a negative way. And I think as a player, we have a chance to pretty much control how the media handles us. If he goes out there and has that kind of season later on during the year after missing some games, maybe they’d be a little lighter on him.

“But they saw him with the commercials, they saw him with the shirts so they came at him every day in training camp asking him do he need to practice now and do he need to play now. And being young, he said what he had to say. He only knew one thing, that’s: ‘No, I don’t. I’ll be ready.’ Which, I don’t even think he wanted to. He wanted to go out there and play in preseason. I think the coach decided him not to. So when you in that situation, man, it’s almost like a no-win situation and all you can do it go out there and do the best you can. And we had the season that we had, and it was just bound to happen.”

Moss was a big defender of some of the criticism that got thrown RGIII’s way, sometimes by his own teammates. In October, he spoke out about Pierre Garcon’s harsh words for the team’s passing game. He also supported the team’s decision to sit the quarterback towards the end of the season.

“At this point right now, when you don’t have anything but to be a spoiler and to go out there and play with pride and try to win as much as you can these last three games, you would want Robert to at least have a fair shot at being healthy this offseason,” he said at the time. “Because that’s what we think really hurt our chances from being better this year: him not being there the whole offseason, to be able to put in the work that’s needed to be that quarterback.”

Here’s the chat. RGIII conversation comes in at the 18:36 mark.