Normally I wouldn’t be posting an artist’s rendition of a minor league baseball giveaway item in early February.

A Jayson Werth “Wolf-a-rine” does count as “normally.”

“After the terrific reception to the Roger Bernadina ‘Shark-A-rine, which ended up on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike Show” during the 2013 season, the Potomac Nationals have piggybacked that concept with the Jayson Werth ‘Wolf-A-rine’ for the 2014 slate,” a spokesman explained via e-mail. “A half-man, half-wolf figurine rendering of the Washington Nationals’ hairiest slugger, the Wolf-A-rine is truly an exclusive giveaway, and Nats fans everywhere will be clawing to get one.”

He isn’t wrong.

Obviously, this means I will have to do an additional item when the actual three-dimensional mock-up arrives, and we haven’t even mentioned the Werth bobble beard yet. But special circumstances call for a special response.