Back in the Gilbert Arenas glory years, there were more than a few “MVP” chants during Wizards victories from the Verizon Center crowd. I don’t know that anyone actually thought Arenas was the most valuable player in the league — although for about a quarter of one season, you could maybe have made the case — but it’s just kind of one universally accepted method to salute a rising NBA star.

I’m not sure if John Wall had ever been serenaded with that particular chant before Monday night. But on the way to leading the Wizards north of .500 for the first time in his NBA career, Wall stepped to the free throw line and heard the “MVP” chants from a fairly enthusiastic Monday night crowd.

Also, at the risk of committing wicked pixels, here are a few vines of Wall not seeing a proffered handshake from owner Ted Leonsis after Monday night’s win.

(Via Wizards Extra, @WilkesonWarpath, @khroach and @Mr_KevinJones)