(Robert Willett / AP Photo via The News & Observer)

Michael Wilbon recently discussed at length his misgivings about Maryland’s pending move to the Big Ten. As the end of the Terps’ ACC basketball schedule grows ever nearer, more and more pundits will join him.

Tony Kornheiser, for example, jumped in Wednesday morning during his ESPN 980 program.

“The Big Ten top to bottom —  I think the top of the Big 12 may be the best – but the Big Ten top to bottom is the best conference, the toughest,” Kornheiser said, after discussing Maryland’s loss in Chapel Hill Tuesday night. “Maryland’s not going to have success there. They’re just not.”

That’s optimistic. The gang then discussed the “ACC” chants that have followed the Terps on the road in recent weeks.

“The whole thing is painful,” notable Terps booster Kevin Sheehan said to Kornheiser. “Just thinking that that’s the last time they’re going to play North Carolina. You know this. You’ve been in this town, you’ve been to Cole and Comcast for all these games. Everybody talks about the Duke-Maryland games; the Carolina-Maryland games were huge for so long. And that’s over. They’ll be at Purdue next year.”

“You know, it’s interesting to me,” Kornheiser replied. “I think it’s a real mistake that Syracuse and Pitt have moved to the ACC. I think that’s a real mistake. But I feel the Maryland one more. This is just a colossal blunder to go the Big Ten. Unless, if [the conference structure] all dissolves, that’s fine. All the conferences.”

The discussion quickly turned to what prompted all the moving, with Kornheiser saying it was “terrible what BC did, leaving the Big East to go to the ACC.” But the “colossal blunder” part is the headline.

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