(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

There seemed to be some confusion locally about the precise news nugget embedded in Adam Schefter’s Redskins-related scoop from league sources on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here was his tweet:

And his lede:

With the Washington Redskins making it clear that Robert Griffin III is their starting quarterback, backup Kirk Cousins is open to being traded, league sources told ESPN. Cousins believes he is ready to start and already has had discussions with the Redskins’ hierarchy, which declared Griffin as their starter last month.

Now, this caused a brief flurry of excitement locally, where news of a potential trade involving the sixth-string punter is a major story, much less the backup quarterback. But it was kind of tough to piece out the exact news nugget that was being dropped here. Like Mike Jones put it:

That stance held by Cousins is the same that he has held since the Redskins selected him in the fourth round of the 2012 draft — the same year that they took Robert Griffin IIIsecond overall. … Cousins has conveyed his stance to Redskins officials on more than one occasion, and had a similar conversation with general manager Bruce Allen at the end of the 2013 season. …

Cousins said after the season finale against the Giants that he felt like in those three games, he believed he had shown his capabilities and indicated that he would welcome the chance to start for a future team, if that opportunity presented itself.

But still, ESPN wouldn’t cite anonymous sources dropping Redskins news if there weren’t actually news being dropped. Fortunately, Schefter was on ESPN 980 Wednesday, and he took advantage of the opportunity to clarify the exact news nugget contained in his report.

“Let’s be very clear,” he began. “The report over the weekend was that Kirk Cousins is OPEN to being traded. He loves Washington, loves the organization, but obviously would like the chance to play. And they’ve made it very clear that RGIII is the starting quarterback going forward, and that Kirk Cousins won’t be the starter. So if you’re a competitive starting quarterback, of COURSE you’re going to be open to being traded, right? He never ASKED them to be traded, but he has DISCUSSED that possibility with the Redskins heirarchy. So I think some people obviously have taken some things out of context. But that’s the gist of it. He’s OPEN to being traded. That has been DISCUSSED with the Redskins. He’s never said to them, I want to be traded, I’m asking to be traded. That’s NOT the conversation. The conversation is hey, RGIII is your starter, if there’s something out there I’m open to that, that’s good by me.”

So, as you can clearly see, the news was … I dunno. That he wouldn’t reject a chance to be a starting quarterback, if it was offered. Something that was introduced with the phrases “obviously” and “of COURSE.”

Tune in next week, when we learn that Pierre Garcon is open to remaining Washington’s No. 1 receiver.